Medical Network

One of the most common struggles that personal injury law firms deal with is locating quality medical specialists to treat their lien-based clients. Optimum Med Care understands that this problem is one that is far too common and inconveniencing.

Fortunately, with the help of a network of medical providers and other professionals within the industry, your uninsured/financially-strained client can access the same quality of care as an insured individual. We’re more than proud to work with a network of board-certified professionals that share the same passion as we do in seeing that all victims of negligence have access to healthcare.

We can also serve as a liaison between your law firm and the medical providers we work with. By partnering with us, your client will have immediate access to our specialists. Gone are the days of you and your legal team having to spend unproductive hours of attempting to find the care that your client needs. With us working with you, your situation can be alleviated, allowing you to focus on the legal aspects of your client’s situation.